Parish History

The Diocesan Bishop, Joseph F. Martino, instituted in January 2008, Called to Holiness and Mission as a Diocesan program for profound parish renewal.  The program of Called to Holiness and MIssion proceeded through stages wherein Cluster Core Committees, consisting of Parish Core Committees, suggested to a Diocesan Planning Commission which in turn responded to the Cluster Core Committees before formulating and conveying final recommendations to Bishop Joseph F.Martino, in observance of canon 50 of the Code of Canon Law. Bishop Martino reviewed those final recommendations with the Episcopal Council of the Diocese.  Having, in accord with the norm of canon 515, § 2, heard the Presbyteral Council and received its unanimous recommendation on January 19, 2009, Bishop Joseph F. Martino decreed the suppression of the territorial parish of Christ the King in Blakeslee, Pennsylvania, by means of an extinctive union with the territorial parish of Our Lady of the Lake in Pocono Pines, Pennsylvania.  This decision was publically announced in the parishes of the Easter Region, Cluster #8, of the Diocese of Scranton on the weekend of January 31 – February 1, 2009.  The current territorial boundary of Our Lady of the Lake Parish will now additionally encompass the previous parish territory of Christ the King.  Canon 51 states that a decree which expresses a decision should contain, at least in summary form, the reasons for the decision.  Therefore, the reasons for the extinctive union of Christ the King Parish with Our Lady of the Lake Parish are here listed: i) changes in demographics which led to a small and continually dimishing nunmber of parishioners; a decrease in Mass attendance; fewer priest available with in the Diocese of Scranton to attend to the current number of parishes.

It is for these reasons together with the ability of Our Lady of the Lake Parish to care for the needs of the previous Christ the King parishioners that Bishop Martino made these decisions.  The effective date of this decree is the initial date of the public announcement, January 31, 2009.  The extincitve union will take place a the time of the closing ceremony scheulded for September 6, 2009.

These decrees were dated at the Chancery of the Diocese of Scranton, June 16, 2009.

Having received the above decrees from Bishop Martino two further decrees were promulgated by him that is worthy of in cluding in the initial history of the newly formed parish.  On June 13, 2009, Bishop Martino also decreeded the relegation of Christ the King Church in Blakeslee, Pennsylvania, to profane but not sordid use in conformity that the good of souls would not be harmed by this change.  The effective date of this decree is the initial date of the public announcement, January 31, 2009.  Liturgical celebrations were allowed to continue at Christ the King Church until September 6, 2009.

As a means to promote unity and equality to those parishiners newly incorporated into a parish community due to an extinctive union or suppression and to promote the recognition by oll the faithful of the new community, the surviving parish is to receive a new name.  This is in no way considered to be a change of the church name.

Considering names suggested by the pastor and parishioners, as well as input from the Presbyteral Council, Bishop Martino decreed Our Lady of the Lake Parish in Pocono Pines, Pennsylvania, to be known as Saint Maximilian Kolbe ParishThis decree took effect September 6, 2009.

Hence the beginning of a new Community of Catholic Faithful under the patronage of Saint Maximilian Kolbe.

Parish Ministries

Liturgical Ministries

·        Altar Servers: Any young person who has received the Sacrament of the Eucharist is invited to participate in the Ministry of Altar Server.  Altar Servers assist the Celebrant at the Eucharistic Celebrations on Saturday and Sundays and special feasts and Parish Liturgical Celebrations.  If you feel you are willing to assist our Parish in this Ministry, please contact the Pastor.

  • Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist: Anyone interested in assisting our worshipping community in the distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ is invited to join us in this ministry of the Eucharist.  If you wish to assist our Parish in this ministry and fulfill the necessary requirements, please contact the Pastor.
  • Hospitality: Ministers of Hospitality help set the tone for the worshipping assembly.  The primary task of the Ministers of Hospitality is to greet the people in the name of the community, to make them feel welcome and at home.
  • Ushers: The Ministry of Usher is also a ministry of hospitality.  Ushers assist the gathering community in being comfortable and at home in the church setting.  They are responsible for taking up the financial collection, helping to find places for those who need seats, and to have bulletins available after Mass.  Ushers assist those present in whatever way they can.  Men and women serve as ushers.
  • Lectors and Commentators: Anyone interested in proclaiming the Word of God and participating in our liturgical celebrations is welcome to share in the Ministry of Lector.  The Word is proclaimed at Daily Mass as well as on Saturdays and Sundays and other feast days.  If you wish to assist our Parish in this ministry, please contact the Pastor.
  • Family Liturgy Group: The young people of our Parish are offered a unique opportunity to take an active role in Parish ministries during their formative years.  As members of the Family Liturgy Group, young people are encouraged to assume the roles of greeters, commentators, lectors, readers, gift bearers, ushers and other various roles in the Parish Liturgical Celebrations.  In their formative years these young people are included as a very important and vital role in our Parish Family.  It is hoped that their participation in the Family Liturgy Group will nurture their sense of belonging, responsibility and service to their Parish Faith Community.
  • Music Minister: Any musician (e.g. organ, piano, keyboard, guitar, drums or any other instrument) is a minister of service to the prayer of our Community of Faith.  The musicians accompany the congregation and the choirs in the singing of hymns and various sung liturgical music.  If you have an interest in participating in this ministry and you can demonstrate an ability to responsibly carry out this ministry please contact the Pastor and/or the Coordinator of the Music Ministry.
  • Adult Choir: The choir is a group of dedicated parishioners and friends who gather to sing God’s praises in a prayerful atmosphere.  The primary function of the choir is to act as a group “leader of song” within the Parish Liturgical Celebrations.  These celebrations include Holy Week and Easter, Christmas, Sundays throughout the Liturgical Year and special Sacramental Celebrations of Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist and Anointing of the Sick.  If you are interested in being a “Cantor” ( a Leader of Song) at Mass or other Liturgical Celebrations, please contact the Coordinator of the Music Ministry.
  • The Joyful Noise Choir: The Joyful Noise Choir of Our Lady of the Lake Parish is comprised of young people, preschool to age 11, who serve our Parish as Ministers of Ministers.  In addition to experiencing the joy of singing, the Joyful Noise Choir members become familiar with the structure and foundation of their Catholic Faith through full participation in our liturgical celebrations.  These young people practice sung prayer in both contemporary and traditional music.  The Joyful Noise Choir provides a sense of community and belonging among our young parishioners.

(CCD) Continuing Christian Development

“The word ‘catechesis’ is rooted in the Greek verb katekhein, to resound or echo. Luke in Acts uses the verb as instructing in the way of the Lord. In St Paul, it refers to oral instruction, a handing on of all that has been received from Christ. Today this oral instruction may also be accompanied by written, printed or visual aids. Catechesis is based on Scripture, Tradition and liturgy, as well as on the teaching authority of the Church. Its purpose is to develop a living, explicit and active Faith through the liturgical and sacramental life of the Church….Catechesis, then, is a lifelong process of conversion for the individual and the Christian Community.’ (Catholic Encyclopedia)

“Catechesis is that particular form of the ministry of the word which matures initial conversion to make it into a living, explicit and fruitful confession of faith”. (General Directory for Catechesis, no. 82)

“Catechesis aims to bring about in the believer an ever more mature faith in Jesus Christ, a deeper knowledge and love of His person and message, and a firm commitment to follow Him. In many situations, however, catechesis must also be concerned with arousing initial faith and sustaining the gradual conversion to complete adherence to Jesus Christ for those who are on the threshold of faith. With God’s grace, catechesis develops initial faith, nourishes the Christian life, and continually unfolds the mystery of Christ until the believer willingly becomes His disciple.” (National Directory for Catechesis no. 19)

Roman Missal, Third Edition:


Eucharist and Social Mission

Ten Questions on the Roman Missal

Celebrating the Lords Day

Embracing Change in the Liturgy

Words in the Roman Missal

Parish Staff

Pastor – Reverend Sean G. Carpenter

Deacon Frank Gisoldi

Deacon Tom Amoroso

Coordinator of Religious Education – Lynnette Smith

Office Manager – Marion Colvin

Coordinator of Music Ministry – John Marcinkowski

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